BMW E46 Coilovers 

Transform your BMW's performance, handling and aesthetics with our E46 coilovers, making Springrates your ultimate partner in automotive excellence. ...

We understand the passion and dedication that goes into every BMW E46, and we're here to help you take your BMW to the next level with BC Racing Coilovers for E46. When you need that extra performance hit when navigating tight corners on a racetrack or cruising down the highway, our coilovers are designed to enhance every aspect of your drive.  

Discover BC Racing Coilovers for E46 

Engineered for those who demand precision and performance, E46 coilovers not only elevate your driving experience, but also offer unparalleled control and customisation options. 

The DS Series sets the standard for performance, using a proprietary digressive piston design. This innovative approach ensures increased damping force at low piston velocities, while maintaining a consistent damper feel at higher speeds. 

The result is a suspension system that responds intuitively to your driving style, enhancing roll, pitch, and dive control during quick weight transitions on technical courses. 

Key Features of E46 BC Coilovers 

Discover the premium features tailored for the driving enthusiast that set our E46 BC Racing Coilovers apart: 

  • Fully Rebuildable: Extend the life of your coilovers with available replacement parts.
  • Highly Customisable: Tailor your setup to match your driving preferences.
  • Mono-Tube Shock Design: For maximum efficiency and durability.
  • Digressive Piston and Damping Curve: Precision control over a wide range of conditions.
  • Satin Chrome Finished Shock Body: Combines form with function for a sleek look.
  • Height Adjustment Independent of Spring Compression: Fine-tune your vehicle’s stance without sacrificing ride quality.
  • 30-Clicks of Simultaneous Compression/Rebound Adjustment: Easy tuning for optimal balance and responsiveness.
  • Front Camber Plates Standard: Essential for achieving perfect wheel alignment.
  • Rear Camber Plates Available: Enhance your vehicle's stability and tire lifespan.
  • Custom Spring Rates and Swift Springs Available: For personalised suspension stiffness and performance. 

Why Choose Us for Your E46 Coilovers? 

When it comes to upgrading your BMW E46, Springrates offers unparalleled support and benefits: 

  • We’re an Authorised Retailer, guaranteeing you receive genuine BC Racing products.
  • Free Shipping: Enjoy free shipping on orders over $250 within the USA.
  • 0% APR Financing: Affordable payment plans through Affirm and Shop Pay.
  • Live Inventory: Our real-time updates ensure availability. 

Transform your BMW with E46 coilovers from Springrates, where performance meets precision. 

Take the Next Step in Performance 

Ready to experience the best in BMW E46 suspension technology? Contact us today to find out more about our E46 BC Racing coilovers. 

With our expert advice and comprehensive support, you're just a step away from unlocking the full potential of your BMW E46. Get in touch at 903-993-0000 or email

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