Volvo 240

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ZG-12-BR BC Racing BR Series Coilovers - 1975-1993 Volvo 240 RWD
BC Racing BC Racing BR Series Coilovers - 1975-1993 Volvo 240 RWD
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Volvo 240 Coilovers 

To enhance your Volvo 240's suspension, replacing the standard rubber strut mounts with a performance-oriented option is a wise choice. This is where BC Racing steps in with its BR Series coilovers for Volvo 240 – an ideal solution when you don't want to compromise on performance or comfort. ...

Originally, the Volvo 240 came equipped with rubber damped upper strut mounts, designed to isolate cabin occupants from road vibrations and noise. However, with time, these rubber mounts degrade, leading to a diminished driving experience. Browse our Volvo 240 BC coilovers and performance parts now. 

Volvo 240 Coilovers: A Leap in Performance and Comfort 

BC Racing's BR Series is crafted for those who demand both impeccable street performance and the ability to fine-tune their vehicle's stance without sacrificing ride quality. 

At the heart of these coilovers is a commitment to using only premium oil, ensuring that your Volvo operates smoothly under varying conditions. The large 53mm damper body significantly boosts oil capacity, which in turn, keeps the oil temperature in check and enhances damper performance. 

Benefits of Upgrading with Volvo 240 Performance Parts 

Upgrading your Volvo 240 with BR Series Coilovers offers a suite of advantages designed to transform your driving experience. Here are the key benefits you can expect: 

  • Enhanced Suspension Performance: Transitioning to BC Racing coilovers from the traditional rubber mounts means your Volvo 240 will see substantial improvements in handling and stability.
  • Durability and Quality: With a focus on durability, the BR Series ensures your investment enhances your vehicle's performance for the long haul.
  • Customisable Ride Height: Personalise your Volvo's appearance and improve its aerodynamics by adjusting the vehicle height to your preference. 

Why Choose Us for Volvo 240 Performance Parts? 

When you're ready to upgrade your Volvo 240 coilovers, here are compelling reasons to choose us for your performance enhancements: 

  • Authorised Retailer: We're a 100% authorised retailer, bringing you genuine BC Racing products.
  • Free Shipping: Enjoy free shipping on orders over $250 across the USA.
  • Flexible Financing: Easy payment plans available through Affirm and Shop Pay, offering 0% APR financing options.
  • Live Inventory: Our inventory is updated throughout the day to reflect the latest stock levels. 

Transform Your Suspension Today 

Ready to lift your driving experience with Volvo coilovers for 240? Contact us to discuss your upgrade options or schedule a service. Our team is here to ensure your vehicle not only meets but exceeds performance expectations with high-quality parts and professional installation. 

Transform your performance and aesthetics today, and enjoy a driving experience like never before. Call now at 903-993-0000 or email at to get started.

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