At Springrates, our mission is to provide top-quality coilovers that transform your driving experience. The positive BC coilovers review and BC Racing coilovers review we consistently receive highlight our commitment to delivering products that not only meet but exceed our customers' expectations.

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We take pride in delivering suspension products of the highest caliber, earning consistent acclaim from our satisfied customers. 

Recognizing the importance of trust and reliability when it comes to upgrading your suspension system, we’re dedicated to providing a service that goes beyond expectations. If you’re wondering, ‘Are BC Coilovers good?’, take a look through our BC Racing coilover reviews, where you'll find consistent praise for our exceptional quality, high performance, and unparalleled customer service.

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At Springrates, we’re your premier supplier of BC Racing coilovers in the U.S., providing top-notch suspension components for car enthusiasts. 

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, performance, and customer satisfaction, we curate a selection of coilovers from renowned brands, suited to meet your high-performance requirements. 

Quality is our top priority. We meticulously vet and select coilovers from reputable brands known for their performance and durability. Our team of experts ensures that every product in our catalog meets the highest standards. 

By choosing Springrates, you can trust that you're investing in racing coilovers that deliver exceptional performance on the track. 

We’re dedicated to providing personalized assistance. Tap into the expertise of our seasoned team to guide you in selecting the perfect racing coilovers tailored to your driving style, vehicle specifications, and performance aspirations. 

Reach out for personalized advice, ensuring you make an informed decision that elevates your racing experience to new heights. 

We offer a diverse range of coilovers to cater to the varied needs and preferences of racing enthusiasts. Our online catalog includes:

  • BR Series Coilovers: Known for their versatility, the BR Series provides an excellent balance between comfort and performance. These coils are suitable for daily driving and occasional track use, offering adjustable features to customize your suspension setup.
  • DS Series Coilovers: Engineered for demanding track applications, the DS Series prioritizes performance and precision. With advanced damping technology and adjustability, these coils are ideal for enthusiasts seeking optimal handling characteristics on the race circuit.
  • ER Series Coilovers: The ER Series is designed for those who demand the highest level of performance. These coils feature advanced technology and materials, providing superior control and responsiveness. Perfect for serious racers and track enthusiasts aiming for uncompromised performance.
  • HM Series Coilovers: The HM Series is tailored for specific applications, offering specialized suspension solutions for certain vehicle models. These coils are carefully crafted to meet the unique demands of particular platforms, ensuring an optimized suspension setup.
  • RM Series Coilovers: Engineered with the dedicated enthusiast in mind, the RM Series delivers an elevated street and track experience. Prioritizing both performance and endurance, these coils strike a dynamic equilibrium, making them well-suited for spirited driving without compromising daily drivability.
  • ZR Series Coilovers: Merging comfort with performance, the ZR Series is crafted to accommodate a diverse array of driving preferences. These coils boast customizable settings, empowering users to precisely tailor their suspension for the desired ride quality and handling characteristics, ensuring a personalized and responsive driving experience.

For more information, check out our BC Racing coilovers reviews today.

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