BC Racing Custom Build Policy Update
Effective 4/1/22 BC Racing North America will no longer accept orders for kits that include top plate and/ or lower mount conversions to correct fitment on custom chassis/hub swaps.

BC Racing North America is seeing a large influx of hub conversion/custom chassis kit orders for many popular chassis such as 240Z/260Z/280Z to S13/14 hubs, E30 to E36 hub swaps, Q45 spindle conversions to S13/14 hubs, etc.

Our primary concern stems from a liability perspective as these swaps contain many custom conversion components/structural modifications that could potentially be of questionable quality, workmanship or lack thorough testing to verify safety. BC Racing North America will not be held liable for any chassis that has been extensively modified from its OEM design as these modifications bring into question its potential road worthiness.

BC Racing North America understands that these conversions are increasing in popularity and help modernize many older chassis.  Customers may still purchase full kits for their original chassis and purchase the additional parts necessary to complete the conversion on their own separately. Additional parts to complete conversions can be purchased through our webstore: https://shop.bcracing-na.com. Our custom builds department will no longer be able to complete the conversions and ship them from our facility in converted/ready to install fashion.