Replacement parts now available only direct through BC Racing

As of January 1st, 2018, no dealers are permitted to list or sell BC Racing replacement parts, other than the ones listed below. As many of you know, BC Racing North America takes every step possible to offer its coilovers, replacement parts, upgrade parts, and springs, at the lowest possible price to our consumers. For too many years coilover suspension was reserved for the dedicated track car and were priced in such away that made them unattainable to the average user.

Well over a decade ago, BC Racing North America changed that by offering extremely high-end fully adjustable coilover systems at a price never before seen by the industry. In order for BC Racing North America to maintain this level of affordability, we have to constantly evaluate our product offerings and pricing in comparison to market trends.

One trend that BC Racing is seeing is dealers listing and selling replacement parts for prices that are way higher than BC Racing sells them for. BC Racing’s price on parts is set in such a way that there is very little to no profit margin, after import, warehousing, and sale fees. Due to the narrow profit margin (which we don’t mind because we want all customers to have access to affordable replacement parts they need to keep their BC Racing Coilover System performing flawlessly), almost all BC Racing parts do not have dealer pricing.

Below are the only parts that dealers are permitted to list and sell:

  • Damping extension
  • BC Racing Springs
  • Swift Springs
  • Camber Plates (Sold as an upgrade)
  • Caster Plates (Sold as an upgrade)

If you are in need of replacement parts for your BC Racing coilovers, please contact BC Racing North America.